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Top 5 ‘Must Visit’ Shops in the USA

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Top 5 ‘Must Visit’ Shops in the USA

story by: Jo Wedlock

Whether you are a fan of shopping in the malls or you prefer to wander a ‘high street’ of shops, in the main cities of the US you will be in a shopper’s heaven. 

While each of your favourite American cities will have its own local labels and designers, just like here in NZ with our favourite ‘chain stores’, the US has plenty that you need to check out. These are ready to wear shops (rather than designed just for you – which is another price bracket all together!) and can usually be found in most malls.

Here is a list of our top 5 ‘High Street shopping labels’ to help plan your shopping extravaganza:

1. Gap
Gap is one of the best places to get your ‘everyday’ wear and casual clothing. It’s a great place for jeans if you are one of those types of people who can’t fit usual NZ jeans straight off the shelf. The beauty of GAP jeans is you can get the same waist sizes as usual but with a variety of leg lengths. It’s also great for kids and baby clothes, t-shirts and just about anything! Gap is one of the stables that you might not flash about, but you’ll always find room for in your wardrobe!

2. J Crew
J Crew is a little bit preppy, a little bit classy and has a great mix of ladies and kids wear. I find that it’s a bit like a slightly up market ‘Country Road’ and you will get some nice leisure wear as well as some good things to wear to an office or out to dinner. My daughter is 6 years old and loves J Crew – they do lots of sparkly kids wear and have a great range of accessories that she just lives in. This isn’t high fashion, but more the kind of store where you will get some classic pieces that you will wear and love for years.

3. Lululemon
This is your must stop shop for gym clothing and leisure wear. While many of us wear our scraggy old t-shirts from a 10 year ago work promotion and a pair of holey leggings, if you have ever wanted to be one of those trendy gym goers in the brightly coloured fashionable gear then Lululemon is for you. While the Lululemon trend has come to NZ (there are a couple of stores in Auckland and one in Queenstown), it’s much cheaper in the US and the range is larger so make sure you head into store and stock up on next seasons gym fashions.

4. Tory Burch
Currently Tory Burch is one of my absolute favourite US shops. It’s on the higher end of the ready to wear market, but you’ll be stunned by the quality and you’ll get those classic pieces that will last you years. I am a particular fan of Tory’s accessories and my last iPad cover and iPhone cover both came from Tory Burch. As I type, I am wearing one of her great leather cuffs – oh and a lovely cotton jersey, both picked up on my last trip to the US. You can only buy Tory Burch online from NZ, so do head in and browse. She does a really great line of resort and beach wear and her swimming togs are to die for – make sure you get the matching beach cover too!

5. Sephora
For all those fans of face creams, serums, gels and lovely scented body repair lotions, not to mention all your favourite makeup brands, head to Sephora. It’s a one stop shop for all the best skincare, bodycare and makeup brands and they usually do amazing in-store deals. They also do a great loyalty programme that will extend to you back here in NZ and mail out some good pressies – so join up in-store and enjoy!

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