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Top 10 Activities in Vietnam

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Top 10 Activities in Vietnam

story by: Jo Wedlock

Asia is as diverse as it is vast!  To create a list of things to do in Asia could make for a very, very long list!  Also, as the label ‘Asia’ covers so many different countries and different types of culture, it is impossible to narrow this down completely.  Instead, what we have done is create a ‘best of’ of some of the current ‘hot’ places to visit.  So when you are planning your Asian escape you’ll know exactly what to include and what you can save for another time.

As always, it’s much better to speak to a House of Travel specialist so you can identify exactly what you want to get out of your holiday and they can help you plan all the ideal activities and places to visit to personalize your trip. 

In the meantime, get your taste buds whetted by delving into the following list of ‘must dos’ when in Vietnam and follow these blogs in the coming weeks as we add much more by way of Asian countries and experiences;

Top 10 Activities in Vietnam:

  1. Cruise the Mekong Delta on a converted rice barge – this amazing experience will make you feel like a true local!  It’s a great way to see Vietnam the way it really is, as well as getting out of the city and truly being a part of the sights and smells of the country.
  2. Dine at KOTO Restaurant – This is a not-for-profit organisation in Hanoi who make it their mission to help train disadvantaged young people.  They have started up a restaurant where you can be part of this experience and not just experience great authentic Vietnamese food, but also help the locals.  KATO stands for Know One Teach One.  > Other Vietnamese eats  
  3. Shoot an AK47 or M16 rifle at the gun range at the Cu Chi Tunnels.  Do you have a husband or son who has always wanted to get on a rifle range?  Or maybe you have always held a secret hankering to pick up the AK47 yourself?  Now is your chance!  This activity is growing in popularity all around the world and here you’ll get to experience the Cu Chi tunnels and have your turn at the range.
  4. Take the world’s longest cable car ride to the top of Bana Mountain, Danang (5042 metres long).  Make sure you take your camera as the cliché saying is right – you have to see this view to believe it!
  5. Enjoy some of the cheapest beer in the world. Did you know that Vietnam is scattered with tiny, local bars set on street corners which is the best way to enjoy a drink.  These little bars serve Bia Hoi (Draft Beer) for approx NZD 0.40cents a glass!  Now that is a saving!
  6. People watching – This sounds tame but really, in this part of the world it is a fascinating pastime.  It’s particularly popular in Hanoi’s old quarter and you’ll be able to feel a part of the old world as it goes by.  It’s free – and it’s probably one of the best, and nicest ways to relax and be a part of Vietnam.
  7. Cool off at the Dam Sen Waterpark (Saigon). It can get very hot in Vietnam and (particularly if you are travelling with kids) they will want some downtime from the markets, food and temples.  Saigon’s Dam Sen Waterpark is home to pools, huge slides and rides for young and old. We recommend visiting on weekdays as can be very busy with locals on weekends!  
  8. Sidecar Motorbike riding – One of the most fun ways to get around Saigon is in the side car of an old Russian (ex. Vietnam army) motorbike!  You’ll have an experienced driver on the bike and you can settle into the sidecar and sit at ground level on these busy bustling streets!  It's breathtaking and amazing fun!
  9. Lantern Making and Silk Painting – if you are more arts and crafts focused than an adrenalin junkie then you’ll love the opportunity to take a traditional lantern making or silk painting lesson in Hoi An’s old town.  You’ll have experienced teachers, instructing you in the traditional ways of the crafts and of course your family and friends will love the finished products you take home with you.
  10. Relax and meditate in some of the oldest Vietnamese temples – after all the excitement and fun of travelling around Vietnam, it’s easy to forget that this is a land very much focused on its religious heritage.  There are some glorious temples where you can visit, pray, meditate and get back to centre.

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