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America's Adventure - Make it Yours

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America's Adventure - Make it Yours

story by: Inspire Magazine

Ever dreamed of jumping on a Harley and cruising Route 66 through over 3,945km of pure adventure and exhilaration? Here's your chance to open up the throttle and drop in line with enthusiasts drawn from around the world.

You'll leave Chicago's industrial heartland behind and sweep across Missouri towards the endless plains of Kansas. Your Harley throbs away for countless miles beneath huge skies as Route 66 stretches on towards the deserts of New Mexico and Arizona. There will be perfect sweeping curves through a majestic landscape, forgotten towns where desperados and dreamers have passed before you, lonely gas stations, and places like Amarillo, where saloons and pickup trucks still embody the spirit of frontier America.

If you've been bitten by the big bike bug and have a yearning to explore the roads that define open road touring on a grand scale these are the tours for you. Indulge your longing for journeys as big as the imagination with the bonus of 'Easy Rider' freedom, thanks to a support van lagging far behind with the luggage that would otherwise cramp your style.

There are various tours available, from California coastline expeditions to a Wild West journey through the grandeur of Monument Valley and the Rocky Mountains. You may even decide to emulate the Easy Rider movie with an epic journey from LA to New Orleans.

Whatever you choose, you'll discover that a group tour with your choice of Harley, Honda, Triumph or BMW delivers all of the freedom, all of the thrill, and less of the hassle. The routes have been planned by bikers who love to ride, so all of the best bits are included.  At the end of a day cruising across America's heartland there's great food and accommodation; and best of all, a bunch of new riding mates to share the lifetime experience with. 

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