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Hawaii's Big Island Puts on a Show

Big Island volcano eruption
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Hawaii's Big Island Puts on a Show

story by: Inspire Magazine

Hawai`i Island is a paradise of dramatic contrasts, where black sand surf beaches deliver adrenalin-pumping rides and majestic manta rays with 20-foot wingspans cruise serenely around you.

It's also an island of breath-taking volcanic wonders like Kilauea Volcano, which is a spectacular engine room of creation spilling enough lava daily to pave a 32km two-lane highway; in fact it's been so busy that 198 hectares of new land has been created since 1994. Just a 48km drive from downtown Hilo brings you to a vast river of molten lava flowing into the ocean. Visitors here can stroll across scorched deserts and witness the awesome power unleashed by the volcano goddess, Pele. Or arrive after dark for an even more impressive spectacle, all glowing red against the black lava field and a starry night sky.

After that sensational show, you could be forgiven for thinking that you've seen it all, but the Big Island has more surprises in store. The dramatic forces creating this island have produced incredibly diverse environments where snow-capped mountains and lush rain forests jostle for your attention alongside spectacular waterfalls, all of which can, and should, be viewed by helicopter to truly appreciate the incredible diversity. For those keen to get their swing on, there are also 10 golf courses, making the Big Island the official golf capital of Hawai`i.

If swimming with the mantas is on your agenda, one of the best places will be the calm waters of the Kona Coast, which incidentally is also the home of Hawaii's world famous Kona coffee.  This is where Captain Cook first arrived in the Hawaiian Islands and where he was unfortunately killed just a year later. There are also strong links with Hawaiian royalty on the Kona Coast and the charming seaside towns have both a historic and an arty vibe that's perfect for a holiday frame of mind.

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