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London for Adrenaline Junkies

Speed Boat Thames London

London for Adrenaline Junkies

story by: Mike Williams

A first-time trip to London isn’t complete without checking out some of its many famous historic landmarks. For most of us, a simple walking or hop-on-hop-off tour is a perfectly adequate way of doing this. For adrenaline junkies, however, there is an insatiable desire to add an edge to how they see the world. Just because it is rich in history doesn’t mean a trip to London has to be stuffy or boring. Here are five activities to satisfy the adrenaline junkies.

Bungee Jump at London Tower Bridge
When London Tower Bridge was built in the late 19th century, it could be debated whether the designers foresaw it would provide the perfect backdrop to jumping 160 feet off a crane wearing an elastic band strapped to your ankles. However, it’s unlikely that Kiwi adrenaline junkies haven’t fantasized about the opportunity. This jump takes place at Pottersfield Park, next to London Tower Bridge in central London, with spectacular views of the London skyline before you leap as well as upside down as you hurtle towards the ground. Still not satisfied? You can also bungee jump off the famous London O2 Arena.

Speed around the River Thames on a Powerboat
What better way to see Big Ben, the London Eye, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, London Bridge and the Tower of London than wearing a life jacket and travelling at break neck speed? Enough said.

Go Zorbing
Through the years, many Kiwi travellers have seen London through a blurry, dizzy stumble, but not all of them have had this experience courtesy of rolling 50 km per hour down a hill in a ball. As a Kiwi invention, the zorb is sure to have many New Zealand fans, but they may have to travel out of central London. However, there are a number of options, such as hydro-zorbing in Croydon, about 35 minutes from central London, or harness zorbing in Hertfordshire, an hour to the north. 

Climb the O2
Since opening in 2007, the O2 Arena has hosted such famous bands and performers as AC/DC, the Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi, Beyoncé, Led Zeppelin and Elton John, and has become an iconic symbol of London. Better still, now you get to climb over the top of it. This climb features 360 degree views of the city and a thrilling walk across the famous entertainment venue via a tensile fabric walkway, 52 meters above ground level.

Battle Zombies
People who were inspired to visit London after watching the 2002 horror movie ‘28 Days Later’ are probably in the minority, but those select few will not want to miss this unique opportunity to battle some Cockney zombies themselves. Zombies have taken over a decommissioned nuclear bunker at a top-secret London location in the North Greenwich district. With training and supervision from the Undead Response Unit, you will have 3.5 hours to do battle against this reanimated foe and rid the bunker of the undead infestation.

There are numerous other London activities for the more adventurous Kiwi traveller, such as London Riot Training, paintball and of course skydiving, just to name a few.
What London nail biters have you survived?  

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