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Torquay (Melbourne Victoria) - Where the "Great Ocean Road" Begins

Victoria Australia
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Victoria Australia
Victoria Australia
Victoria Australia

Torquay (Melbourne Victoria) - Where the "Great Ocean Road" Begins

story by: Jo Wedlock

If you think that by being fairly regular in your trips to Australia’s east coast and visiting the great metropolis hubs such as Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or even Adelaide and Perth – you haven’t experienced the true beauty of Australia until you’ve visited all – or at least some of the ‘Great Ocean Road’.

This road basically runs from Melbourne through to the 12 apostles and finishes up prior to Adelaide, over 400km to the boarder of South Australia.  Some of the most famous Australian beaches are along this coastline and you’ll find plenty of small quaint Ozzie towns that you need to stop at.

If you have spent a lot of time in Melbourne in the past and have a stopover here on your way to your European or Middle Eastern holiday (Emirates airlines hub through Melbourne), then maybe you could grab a car at the airport and take a drive out of town to experience a side of this country you haven’t seen before.

While the vastness of the Great Ocean Road is a story for another day – this story, and the holiday spot you need to take time to visit for at least a night or two, is about Torquay.  Just about an hour’s drive from Melbourne Airport – or an hour and forty from the city centre, Torquay is pretty much known as the start of this road journey, or the beginning of the surf exploration.  For those who are fans of the Patrick Swayze/Keanu Reeves movie Point Break – Bells Beach is the one referred to as the ultimate wave break to ride.

Torquay is the ideal quaint little surf side town that has plenty for all ages, types and personalities.  It has got plenty of accommodation with everything from the modern Peppers Resort on the waterfront through to smaller cottage style bed and breakfasts, self-catering apartments, motels and even classic Australian camping grounds.

It’s a great place for a wedding (my sister got married here as a matter of fact) or a getaway that is close to the city.  Weekend markets and craft type fairs are a regular feature, and there are some lovely little eateries and cafes. It’s also a great place to grab yourself some hot new surf gear as this is the birthplace of Rip Curl and Quick Silver surf brands, so of course you can get a good bargain!

Walk along the main street of the small town centre and you’ll find a multitude of lovely little eateries to cater to your needs.  Many of which are old school type coffee lounges – don’t expect high city cocktails here!

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