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Local Finds: Mike’s Pastry in Boston, USA

Mikes Pastry Boston
Mikes Pastry Boston Cannolis2
Mikes Pastry Boston Cannolis
Paul Revere Mall Boston
BOS MIDTOWN Exterior Boston USA
Boston Cobbled Street USA

Local Finds: Mike’s Pastry in Boston, USA

story by: Mike Williams

You know you’re onto something special when you find city locals queuing around the block. Mike’s Pastry, a bakery in Boston’s North End, is one such local gem. You’ll be able to recognise it from the zombie-like horde crushing against the door, desperately seeking cannolis. There is a wide selection of cakes, pastries and fruit pies, with everything made fresh on the premises. Most people choose from the wide selection of cannolis, a tube of fried pasta filled with a sweet cream centre, such as ricotta or cream cheese.

After navigating the queue of people, which fortunately moves fast due to the number of registers at the front, the biggest challenge is choosing a cannoli flavour. The range includes temptations like plain ricotta cheese, yellow cream, chocolate chip, pistachio, caramel, chocolate ricotta, espresso, amaretto, hazelnut, limoncello, strawberry, Oreo, chocolate covered and even peanut butter!

Once you’ve ordered you’ll need to pay in cash, with each pastry costing between USD$3 and $4. If you can possibly agree on a flavour, then you can definitely consider splitting one between two people. Your prize is served to you in a white box tied together with string. There are countless beautiful spots in Boston to sit down and enjoy your treat, but most people only seem to make it as far as the Paul Revere Mall, a couple of hundred metres down the road.

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