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Panama Canal, USA


Panama Canal, USA

story by: Inspire USA

Witness the marvel known as the eighth wonder of the world - the mighty Panama Canal. The result of several nation's historic efforts, the Panama Canal is truly a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, best experienced on an unforgettable journey with Princess Cruises®.

Day 1:
PORT - Fort Lauderdale (Pt Everglades), USA
ARRIVE - Embark
DEPART - 4.00pm

Day 2: At Sea

Day 3: At Sea

Day 4:
PORT - Aruba, Netherland Antilles
ARRIVE - 7.00am
DEPART - 12.30pm

Day 5:
PORT - Cartagena, Columbia
ARRIVE - 9.00am
DEPART - 3.00pm

Day 6:
PORT - Panama Canal
ARRIVE - 5.00am
DEPART - 3.30pm

Day 6:
PORT - Colón, Panama
ARRIVE - 5.00pm
DEPART - 8.00pm

Day 7:
PORT - Limón Bay, Panama
ARRIVE - 7.00am
DEPART - 6.00pm

Day 8: At Sea

Day 9:
PORT - Grand Cayman (George Town)
ARRIVE - 7.00am
DEPART - 5.00pm

Day 10: At Sea

Day 11:
PORT - Fort Lauderdale (Pt Everglades), USA
ARRIVE - 7.00am
DEPART - Disembark

Note: Some sailings day 9 visit Ocho Rios, Jamaica instead of Grand Cayman 12 day / 11 night cruises also available

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