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Oman Highlights, Middle East

Oman Middle East
Oman Middle East
Oman Middle East
Oman Middle East

Oman Highlights, Middle East

story by: Inspire Middle East & North Africa


Local Cuisine
Sample some local Arab flavours and try kawha, a cup of cardamon-flavoured coffee. A few accompaniments to try with your coffee are halwa, a sweet made from flour, nuts and spices, and lokhemat, deep fried cardamon flavoured balls of flour and yeast served with a sweet lime and cardamon syrup.

One of the oldest cities in Oman, Nizwa is home to one of Oman’s most stunning national monuments, Nizwa Fort. Recently listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, its imposing form is comprised of 15 gates and 132 watchtowers. Nizwa is also a great base for wadi-bashing (off road driving).

Wahiba Sands
Take to the dunes and be sure to visit the vast Wahiba Sands. Still inhabited by the local bedouin people, the desert area covers 12,500sq kms and boasts orange sand dunes that soar up to 150m high. The country’s largest desert, it’s the perfect playground for 4WD adventures and an amazing area for an overnight stay. The glittering night sky seems endless here.

Home to the Fjords of Arabia, witness rocky slopes descending almost 2000 vertical metres into the turquoise sea at Musandam. The headland here is teeming with coral reefs and marine life. Enjoy a dhow cruise and recreate the seafaring journeys of Sinbad the Sailor here.

Ras Al-Jinz
Housing one of the largest nesting areas for Green Turtles in the Indian Ocean, Ras al-Jinz beaches average 30,000 nestings. The turtle reserve opens at 9pm for the public to see the turtles nestling on the sands and depending on your luck, you may be able to see a few.

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