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Experience Egypt

story by: Inspire Middle East & North Africa

Split by the Nile River, Egypt is synonymous for its famous ancient riches and ruins. Egypt is second to none when it comes to revisiting its extensive past. A visit here is like stepping into another time and place where a sense of magic and mystery is waiting to be unearthed. The pure scale, age and volume of the ruins and tombs found along the entire course of the Nile are extraordinary.

Needing no introduction, the legendary Pyramids of Giza are no doubt Egypt’s most prized possession. Found in the capital city of Cairo, the pyramids will never fail to astonish. Experience the timeless quality of life along the Nile’s fertile banks, Egypt’s river of life for centuries and the world’s longest river. Upstream, Luxor is home to the amazing lotuscolumned Luxor and Karnak Temples which lie beside the river, while in the arid hills nearby is the famed Valley of the Kings. Further upriver is Aswan, a beautiful little city with feluccas dotting the Nile. These traditional sailboats of Egypt’s Nile still grace the river as they have done since the time of the Pharaohs.

Beyond the Nile, striking desert landscapes can be found in West Egypt, where the sand dunes and oases stretch to the Sahara. East Egypt is but the opposite – the Red Sea offers crystal waters and gleaming uncrowded coral reefs.

Fast Facts:
Country name: Egypt
Population: 80 million
Capital: Cairo
Languages: Arabic, English and French
Religion: Muslim and Christianity
Ramadan: Dates change year to year
Currency: Eyptian Pound
Time zone: 10 hours behind New Zealand
(11 hours with daylight savings)
Electricity: Current is 220/230V, 50HZ
Plug is a 2 point round pin adapter

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