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Beach Fales, Samoa

Beach Fales Samoa
Beach Fales Samoa
Beach Fales Samoa
Beach Fales Samoa

Beach Fales, Samoa

story by: Inspire Samoa

Complete your Samoan holiday experience by staying in one of the many traditional thatched open-sided fales that dot the coastline. These fales are mostly on village land and are usually family operated, ensuring a warm welcome and friendly service. These fales give a whole new meaning to the term beachfront. They are scattered all around the coast of the two main islands, Upolu and Savai’i, consequently they enjoy some of Samoa’s most scenic vistas. What better way to end an enjoyable day’s sightseeing than by letting the gentle lapping of waves lull you to sleep. While beach fales are back-to-basics accommodation, any lack of modern amenities is more than compensated for by the chance to live like a local amid some million-dollar scenery. A Beach fale experience is for those of you who are adventurous and who are happy to pack a lavalava and a toothbrush – after all you won’t need much more, because you’ll be exchanging the usual hotel experience for the more modest facilities of a traditional open-sided fale (with pull down blinds for added privacy). Share a bowl of kava with hospitable locals rather than a flash bar with other tourists. If you break into a sweat at the thought of doing without an air-conditioned bathroom this style of holiday isn’t for you.

Your Beach Fale Survival Kit
• Respect your hosts as you are essentially a guest in their home.
• As you are totally responsible for your belongings including your passport you’ll need to take a lockable bag or padlock.
• Take a torch as there may not be a reading lamp and it will be handy to guide you to the communal bathroom in the darkness of night.
• Take your own towel for showering and use at the beach.
• Bring your shoes into your fale at night so local dogs don’t run off with them!
• Take a basic supply of bottled water, beer & snacks as your hosts may run out of these.
• If you have food or medical issues, let your hosts know before you arrive.
• Pack a toilet roll – after all you don’t want to be caught in the middle of the night and hand sanitizer is good to have handy!
• With any food supplies keep them well sealed away from any unwanted 4 legged visitors at night.
• While its great to be lulled to sleep by the gentle lapping of waves, earplugs are a must just in case you’re unlucky with barking dogs, crowing roosters or partying guests.
• A lavalava (Samoan sarong) is handy to have close by – they not only look good but are cool, handy for lying on the beach and a good wrapping to give instant modesty. Remember above all, pack your sense of adventure and enjoy legendary Samoan hospitality.

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