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Tanna Highlights, Vanuatu

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Tanna Highlights, Vanuatu

story by: Inspire South Pacific

The glow emanating from Mt Yasur attracted Captain Cook to Tanna in 1774 and the classic volcano has proved a magnet for visitors to the island ever since. The pyrotechnic display at night is awe-inspiring and during the day there’s the opportunity to take a 4WD journey virtually to the rim of the world’s most accessible active volcano to view the spectacular ongoing eruptions. Apart from being one of the productive islands in Vanuatu, Tanna is also one of the most traditional as custom and culture remain extremely important. Many villages have shunned modern life, preferring to live as their ancestors have for centuries, giving visitors a unique opportunity to view an ancient culture and its many colourful ceremonies.


• YASUR VOLCANO – A “must see” for anyone travelling to Tanna Island. Recommend a 2 night stay – so that if there is low cloud or the volcano is not active, you may get a second chance to see Yasur in all its glory.

• PORT RESOLUTION – On the south-east coast of Tanna is a deepwater harbour that is a favourite destination for visiting yachts. The harbour was christened by Captain Cook in 1774 and has white sandy beaches and a local café near the beach serving fresh fish and local foods.

• HIKING ON WHITE GRASS PLAINS – These grass-covered plains are home to Tanna’s famous wild horses. The views from the top over the coast to Erromango are breathtaking.

• SNORKELLING IN THE BLUE HOLE – Situated on the coast at White Grass about 2km north of White Grass airport is a coral hole in the reef face. Spanning approx 100m across and around 2-3m deep, the blue hole has a stunning array of corals and tropical fish to delight the snorkeller.

• HORSERIDING – There are a number of excellent choices for horse riding. With Lenakel Cove you can ride high into the forest to visit the largest Banyan tree in the Southern Hemisphere and you can even ride into the volcano. Louniel Village on the east coast offers riding along Vanutau’s longest black sand beach.

• JOHN FRUM CULT VILLAGE – It’s certainly an eye opener, seeing an entire culture base its belief system around the Gods living in the U.S.A. who are responsible for the ‘magical’ manufacturing of such goods as radios and jeeps, fridges and just about every other manufactured item that cannot be fashioned from the jungle or the sea.

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