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Thailand: Highlights


Thailand: Highlights

story by: Inspire Thailand

  • THAI MASSAGE – No matter what part of Thailand you are in, you will never have to search too hard or far to be able to indulge in a massage. Street side foot massages are great value for money and perfect to re energise the tired feet after a hard day of shopping. Or why not experience a traditional Thai massage – not for the faint hearted though, your body is about to be stretched in all directions and is usually performed on the floor. If you want a more relaxing approach then opt for an aromatherapy massage.
  • TAILORED CLOTHES – Thai tailors are world renowned for their craftsmanship and speediness as well as of course having Thai silk on hand for a special piece of clothing. Shop around though, as you want to feel comfortable with your tailor and ensure you’re getting the right price. It’s a fun exercise but don’t expect too much. Remember how quick these will be turned around so don’t expect a bespoke suit.
  • FOOD – Thai food with its fresh ingredients, use of herbs and heat all have different flavours and influences depending on what part of Thailand you are in. In the South they love their seafood and in the North, due to cooler temperatures, the food is noticeably spicier. A fun activity is to take a cooking class – a lot of the hotels offer these as well, so it’s easy and convenient, and you can come back  come and impress your friends with a new dish.
  • MARKETS – Like much of South East Asia, Thailand is abundant with markets. Whether it is food, clothing or electronics, you don’t have to look too far to find what you want and at a bargain. Bartering is the go in a market, so bargain to your heart’s content. Markets are a lively affair – if you go first thing in the morning, you will probably even get a better price if you are their first customer as this is good luck for the seller.
  • DIVING – Thailand boasts some great dive spots and if you aren’t certified already, you can be once you leave! There are a lot of registered PADI Dive centres on the Islands where you can do your courses usually at a much cheaper price than back home, as well as in much warmer waters. One of the most famous dive islands is Koh Tao, in the Gulf of Siam, where the true beauty of this small island lies beneath the surface of crystal clear waters.

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