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Western Australia
West Australia
West Australia

Experience Western Australia

story by: Inspire Australia

Western Australia takes up almost a third of the entire continent – an area of mind-boggling vastness that is as varied as it is beautiful. It covers a total of more than 2.5 million square kilometres (roughly ten times the size of New Zealand), and yet it’s home to less than 2.5 million people. That means there is a huge amount of land that is uninhabited (and some would say uninhabitable). And yet, almost everywhere you go in this vast state, you’ll find people scratching out a living and in many cases doing much more than that – it’s famous for its world class wineries, surf beaches, eco-tourism ventures, and of course, a thriving mining industry.

The marine life that flanks the ridiculously long coastline are another major drawcard – you’ll have the chance to meet wild dolphins that call in to shore every day to say hello; behemoth whale sharks that cruise the waters seemingly oblivious to the tourists who flock to see them, and migrating whales that frolic in front of the cameras.

Inland, the fauna are just as interesting: crocodiles, kangaroos and all sorts of animals that only Australia could have produced. If you’re into action, you’ll find plenty to tempt you too: the surf beaches are legendary and you’ll find pretty much every kind of adventure-based activity invented by man – including shark diving and rock climbing. And if you’re looking for a more sedate holiday experience, there are more miles of pristine white beaches than you can poke a stick at!

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