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Antarctica Penguins
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Antarctica Penguins


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Antarctica is a continent of extremes – beautiful and tranquil, savage and fierce while its sheer size is incomprehensible whether you’re viewing it from above or on the ground. It is a land of pristine whiteness where gigantic icebergs protrude from the ocean, all shaped and carved by the elements, and where amazing patterns of blue pass you by on floating ice chunks while the roar of glaciers echoes between sheer-sided channel walls.

The coastal shores and sub-Antarctic islands are home to hundreds of squawking and honking penguin rookeries, seal colonies as well as nesting seabirds. There are many varieties of penguins and seals as well as a huge number of bird species that await your visit to this region.

Gaze in awe at the dramatic mountains, glaciers, icebergs. Antarctica is simply breath-taking and is truly an amazing adventure you’ll never forget, but be warned, weather and ice not clocks and calendars set the schedule for a journey here.

Travel to Antarctica
Antarctica is one of the top ten cruise destinations in the world, considering it is such a unique experience, you’ll have to be quick to reserve your spot. Most ships carry wildlife experts who provide informative commentary on this amazing part of the world and with cruises only available during the short summer season (mid- December to late February).

Cruises around Antarctica will provide you with an in-depth experience to the ‘bottom of the world’ with a different range of voyages to choose from to be sure you capture the experience you are hoping for. Travelling around the extraordinary sub-Antarctic islands will ensure a once in a life time experience with so much drama, wildlife, history and true emotion.

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