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South America

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South America… it’s colourful, it’s magical, it’s sensual and definitely full of energy. It offers something for every interest along with lots of opportunities to get off the beaten track. Each of South America’s countries has its own special attractions offering an unparallel experience.

The choices are virtually unlimited, from quiet colonial villages, intriguing ancient ruins and fabulous sandy beaches to national parks where glaciers stand tall over 1000 years old or jungles filled with dense flora and fauna. Music is the most culturally important part of a South American’s life from the saucy beats of samba in Brazil, the smooth tango rhythms in Argentina to the folklore panpipes in the rural Andean regions, it’s a sultry vibe that pervades everything. Enjoy a fresh seafood ceviche, sip on an award winning Chilean wine or savour a quiet moment as you watch early morning fog disappear to reveal mystical Machu Picchu.

It’s breathtaking, it’s charismatic and there’s a feeling of life presence that once existed. Move over Niagara Falls and Victoria Falls, Iguazu Falls is truly spectacular with roaring waterfalls in an amazing horse shoe like shape. Whether you’re looking to sail down the Amazon River, spend the night in a home-stay on Lake Titicaca, raft down a raging river in Patagonia or frolic with sea lions in the Galapagos, this is one place you need to make sure you visit once in your life.

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