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Experience Ecuador

story by: Inspire South America

The home of the tree tomato, which isn’t a tomato; the Panama hat (that’s made here and not in Panama) and roasted cuy (guinea pig) which you certainly won’t find on a New Zealand barbecue, Ecuador has a South American charm of its own.

Its quirkiness aside, Ecuador is a breathtakingly diverse country. From the wonderful wilds of the Amazonian jungle, through Andean cloud forest, warm Pacific Island beaches and the spectacular wildlife of the Galapagos Islands – Ecuador is overflowing with good things in a small parcel. Living amongst all these riches is a pot pourri of people, including those of indigenous Inca and Spanish descent. Colonial architecture from the time of the Spanish lives on in splendour in the capital Quito and in Cuenca, both world heritage-listed sites. There are markets, little changed for hundreds of years, to explore, such as Otaval famed for its weaving and arguably the most famous craft market in South America. You’ll spot the locals straightaway – the men with their pony tails and ponchos, the women with braided hair and frilled blouses.

The country is remarkably rich in animals – 350 species of mammal alone and more than 1600 bird species. There are giant tortoises and sea lions on the Galapagos, improbably gaudy toucan, sloths, anteaters and armadillos in the forests.

Ecuador Fast Facts:
Country Name:
Rebublic of Ecuador
Population: 13.6 Million
Capital: Quito
Languages: Spanish, Quechua
Currency: US dollar
Time Zone: 17 hours behind New Zealand (18 hours with daylight saving)
Electricity: Current is 110V, 60HZ Plug is a 2 point rectangle-pin adaptor

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