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Explora Chile
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Easter Island Chile
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Experience Chile

story by: Contiki

Cut off from the rest of South America by the ramparts of the great Andean Mountain chain and the driest desert on the planet, Chile has a distinctly different character to the rest of the continent.

Stretching more than 4000km from north to south it also has a spectacular array of landscapes and climates – you can truly go to extremes in Chile. Equally fascinating is its unique Pacific territory of Easter Island, the most isolated inhabited island in the world.

Chile’s breathtaking diversity can create dilemmas for travellers – how to fit everything in. After all what could you leave out – certainly not the out-of-this world arid moonscapes of the Atacama Desert, paddling the Patagonian fjords or absorbing the mystique that surrounds Easter Island’s massive stone moai.

Chile’s capital Santiago is the stepping stone to these adventures. Located against a backdrop of the awesome Andes, it is a city that is starting to reflect Chile’s position as one of South American’s most economically successful countries.The most unique of Chile’s cities however is just to the north, the atmospheric vibrant port city of Valparaiso. Far to the south lies Patagonia and the indescribably spectacular Torres del Paine National Park. At the northern extremity is the Atacama with its hot springs and geysers, active volcanoes and ancient ruins.

Chile Fast Facts:
Country Name: Republic of Chile
Population: 17 Million
Capital: Santiago
Languages: Spanish, Mapuche, Aymara, Rapanui
Currency: Chilean Peso
Time Zone: 16 hours behind New Zealand
(17 hours with daylight saving)
Electricity: Current is 220/230V, 50HZ
Plug is a 2 point round-pin adaptor

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