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Experience Brazil, South America

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Experience Brazil, South America

story by: Inspire South America

It’s a land of superlatives – the largest rainforest in the world, the second longest river on the planet and the richest place on Earth for animal and plant life. Brazil, with its forests and mighty Amazon River and the wonders they contain covers half the South American continent. Twothirds of Brazil’s population lives near the coast, meaning that ‘life’s a beach’ for locals and tourists alike.

People are the essence of the country, and while Brazil is home to a multitude of ethnic groups, there are some characteristics that everyone shares – energy and passion! Watch a soccer game along with thousands of dancing, drumming, singing spectators and see why the beautiful game is almost a religion in Brazil! It’s not all reserved for football either, Brazilians enjoy a good party whatever the occasion, the most notable Rio de Janiero’s Carnival, the world’s biggest party.

Rio is one of the world’s exciting cities even when Carnival isn’t in full, riotous swing. It’s breathtaking harbour, kilometres of beaches, including the legendary Copacabana, architecture from the baroque to Art Deco and nightlife that carries on until dawn, create an intoxicating mix. There are other astonishing cities too. The capital Brasilia is famed for its modern architecture and Salvador has wonderfully preserved 16th and 17th century buildings.

Brazil Fast Facts:
Country Name:
Republic Federation of Brazil
Population: 190 Million
Capital: Brasilia
Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English, French
Currency: Real
Time Zone: 15 hours behind New Zealand (16 hours with daylight saving)
Electricity: Current is 220/230V, 50HZ. Plug is a 2 point round-pin adaptor

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