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Experience Bolivia, South America

Lake Titicaca Bolivia
Uros Islands Bolivia
Potosi Bolivia
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potosi Bolivia
Bolivia - Atacama crossing
Lake Titicaca Peru
Lake Titicaca Peru
Lake Titicaca Peru

Experience Bolivia, South America

story by: Contiki

Landlocked and breathtakingly high, Bolivia is perhaps the most authentic of South American countries. Its remote location, perched in the Andes Mountains, has helped keep its ancient traditions alive. About 60 per cent of Bolivia’s population trace their heritage back to indigenous South American peoples so it’s a country rich in cultures that have changed little over the centuries.

Even in La Paz, the world’s highest capital city at more than 3700 metres, women dress in voluminous petticoats, vibrantly coloured shawls and bowler hats. Meet many of these ladies in the city’s dynamic street markets where you can pick up everything from an iPod or an alpaca jersey to bits of dried llama in the Witchdoctor’s Market.

You will encounter llamas in the Andean wilderness and discover one of the world’s largest salt flats and its resident pink flamingos. There are piranha lurking in some of Bolivia’s Amazonian jungle waterways and much friendlier river dolphins in others.

Lake Titicaca is an almost mystical destination. One of the world’s highest lakes it nestles under the dramatic Cordillera Real mountains, it is also the birthplace of the Children of the Sun, the Inca. Wander among the atmospheric Inca ruins on Isla de la Sol and glide over the turquoise waters in a traditional reed boat.

Bolivia Fast Facts:
Country Name: Rebublic of Bolivia
Population: 9.7 Million
Capital: La Paz
Languages: Spanish, Quechua, Aymara
Currency: Bolivano
Time Zone: 16 hours behind New Zealand (17 hours with daylight saving)
Electricity: Current is 220V, 50HZ Plug is a 2 point round-pin adaptor

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