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Chile Highlights, South America

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Explora Chile Llamas
Atacama Desert Chile
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Easter Island Chile
Northwest Chile
San Pedro Chile
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Atacama church Chile
Valparaiso street Chile

Chile Highlights, South America

story by: Contiki

Northern Chile
An area of snow-capped volcanoes and bizarre desert, with strange rock formations, endless salt lake beds and pristine aqua lagoons. Home to the Atacama Desert, an area 1,000kms long and virtually rainless, and the town of San Pedro de Atacama, a special little place offering unique exploring and experiences.

Vina Del Mar & Valparaiso
Situated just an hour away from Santiago, Valparaiso is Chile’s principal port and second-largest city. Its centre has cobbled streets and is overlooked by precipitous cliffs and hilltop suburbs which are accessed by cable car and stairway footpaths. Vina del Mar, Chile’s local beach resort area, next to Valparaiso, offers a sub-tropical landscape with turn-of-the-century mansions on both the river and beachfront.

Easter Island
Lying 3,700km west of the Chilean mainland, Easter Island is the world’s most remote inhabited island. It is famous for the 887 colossal statues (moai) carved from volcanic rock that are scattered around the island. It is a UNESCO world heritage site with much of the island protected within the Rapa Nui National Park. In the 1800’s a series of disasters reduced the population down to 171 local Rapa Nui. From then, the population has slowly recovered to about 2000 people but they sadly lost a lot of cultural history and knowledge about the island.

The Lakes District –
tretching almost 339km from Temuco in the north to Puerto Montt in the south, The Lakes District covers two of Chile’s regions. Here dense forest, snow-capped volcanoes, lush farmland and deep, clear lakes can be found hidden for the most part in the mountains.

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