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Hawai'i: Highlights of Hawai'i Island

Hawai'i: Highlights of Hawai'i Island

story by: Inspire Hawai'i

At Volcanoes National Park on the island of Hawai’i (known as the Big Island) is one of the few places where you can actually see new land being created as molten lava plunges into the sea. The sudden meeting of hot rock and cool water creates a vast steam cloud that can be seen from miles away. To see it after dark is even more impressive, all glowing red against the black lava field and night sky. Volcanoes aren’t the only reason to visit the island of Hawai’i. On the west coast is Kona, a cute little waterfront town that today is famous for its coffee and World Ironman championship. Great men have walked this land – this was the last royal residence of King Kamehameha the Great, while nearby Kealakekua Bay is where Captain Cook first set foot on the island.

  • KEALAKEKUA BAY – A Marine Life Conservation District popular with divers, snorkellers and kayakers. The Captain Cook Monument is located at the end of the bay, at the site of his death in 1779.

  • HAWAI’I VOLCANOES NATIONAL PARK – Dramatic, diverse, vast and still growing! To best appreciate the volcanoes, plan to spend at least a day exploring the park.

  • PUNALU’U BEACH – Visit the Black Sand that formed from hardened lava that has been crumbled into tiny particles. This is a popular spot for curious beachgoers and is also a habitat for honu (turtles).

  • ‘AKAKA FALLS STATE PARK – After a short hike, you’ll first see the 100-foot Kahuna Falls and then continuing on the loop track witness the towering ‘Akaka Falls plunging 442 feet from the cliffs above.

  • DEEP SEA FISHING – A great place to hook big mahimahi, ono, ahi and Pacific Blue Marlin is off the Kona Coast.

  • HAWAI’I ISLAND IS THE GOLF CAPITAL OF HAWAI’I – Its wide open spaces, dramatic contours and elevation changes make the 18 golf courses here a fantastic day out!

  • HELICOPTER – Take a ride and view some of the most incredibly diverse and interesting landscapes in the world.

  • KONA COFFEE – Don’t forget to try one of Hawai’i’s most famous exports and take a couple of bags home for yourself.

  • KONA FARMER’S MARKET – Open Wednesday-Sunday it offers a selection of home-made crafts, fresh tropical flowers and mouth-watering food.

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