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China: Wuyi Mountain

China: Wuyi Mountain

story by: Inspire Hong Kong & China

Wuyi Mountain, in the northwest of Fujian Province, is a striking region of sheer cliffs, strange rock formations and flower-covered riverbanks. The Wuyi Nature Reserve contains subtropical virgin forest and rare flora which excited 19th century European botanists. The Nine-Turn Stream Scenic Area is a 60 km stretch of river that flows through Xingcum village. Covering 60 sq km, Wuyi Mountain is listed on the UNESCO World Natural and Cultural Heritage register.

The climb to the top of Wuyi Mountain seems daunting, but the bird’s eye view of the area is breathtakingly rewarding. Below are the clear waters of the Nine-Turn Stream, a magnet for sightseeing tourists seeking to enjoy the surrounds of this naturally gifted gorge - from a traditional bamboo-built raft that is pushed along with the use of poles. Dramatic red coloured peaks and sheer rock faces are explored as you drift along on the raft. The mountains in the area were an important centre of Taoism and later Buddhism.

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