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China: Wutai Shan

China: Wutai Shan

story by: Inspire Hong Kong & China

Wutai Shan (Five Terrace Mountains) is a sacred Buddhist mountain range. The highest is the 3058m Yedou Peak, known as the roof of northern China. Within the alpine valley is the small monastic village of Taihuai which is home to many monasteries and temples. Once the site of over 300 temples originally worshipped by Dao followers during the Qing Dynasty, many were sadly destroyed. Devotees of Buddha became more prominent and many temples were built in his name.

Much can be said about the spiritual qualities of this UNESCO World Heritage listed mountain area, translated in English to Five Plateau Mountain. They begin with Nanshan Temple which was first built in the Yuan Dynasty and comprises seven terraces divided into three sections, the lowest terrace having the Jile Temple, the middle terrace Shande Hall, the upper terrace Youguo Temple. Other major temples to grace Wutaishan include Xiantong, Tayuan and Pusading.

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