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China: Louyang

China: Louyang

story by: Inspire Hong Kong & China

In the heart of Henan province, on the Yellow River, Luoyang is one of the seven ancient capitals of China and was the seat of government for 70 emperors during nine dynasties. Its major attraction is its Buddhist cave site, the Longmen Grottoes. Built in 494AD, the area comprises more than 2000 grottoes and 40 pagodas, containing around 100,000 Buddhist statues. Luoyang also reputedly produces China’s best peonies and is renowned for its Tang dynasty-style tri-coloured pottery.

A visit to Luoyang, famous for the amazing ancient Longmen Grottoes, isn’t complete without a tour of the White Horse Temple, China’s first erected place of Buddhist worship. Dating back to the first century AD, the original structure has been replaced by buildings of the Ming and Qing dynasties, but the magic remains. The Museum of Ancient Tombs and the Luoyang Museum with its early bronzes, jade artefacts and Stone Age implements are worthy inclusions to a Luoyang experience. So, too, the narrow streets and winding laneways which link the many historic houses and markets.

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