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China: Insights

China: Insights

story by: Inspire Hong Kong & China

Many centuries ago, China led the world with its inventiveness and creativity, developing its many inventions in comparative isolation. During its recorded history of 5000 years, the country had created sophisticated literature, language, music, art and spectacular architecture for a Chinese civilisation blessed with innovative ideas and products. 

Long before the West was even aware of its existence China had invented paper and printing, the magnetic compass, fireworks, paper money, umbrellas and the game of chess. The Orient region was also producing fine silk, porcelain and tea.

The China of the new millennium is a study in contrasts. The timelessness of the old is still to be found, often in the shadow of exciting new developments. China’s traditional culture, its customs and charm remain – palaces and pavilions, ancient sites, classical gardens, teahouses, elegant boulevards and old water towns, and an endless diversity of peoples and natural landscapes – while the new face of China is at once amazing, stimulating, electrifying.

Whether you are a first-timer or a frequent visitor, China always has something different, something fascinating to interest and delight you.

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