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China: Guilin

China: Guilin

story by: Inspire Hong Kong & China

The Lijiang River scenic zone, in the northern part of southern China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, covers the entire city of Guilin, Yangshuo County and beyond. It is famous for the Reed Flute Cave and the unique karst formations and peaks that were thrust up from a limestone sea bed 300 million years ago. Guilin has inspired landscape painters for centuries and is now known as a photographer’s paradise. For the Chinese it is ‘the best sight under heaven’.

How beautiful does it get: A green lushly covered countryside dotted with piercing, limestone craggy karsts. To cruise the River Li through a valley bordered by sharp rising cliffs and rugged peaks is one of the most sought-after and magical experiences in China.

“The best sight under Heaven” is how the scenery has been described, a landscape that has inspired artists and, in more recent years, photographers.

However, while Guilin and its natural wonderland of giant caverns and towering peaks are the pride of China, it too is renowned for porcelain, antiques and handicraft, the most famous product Three Flower Wine, many of the items sold in stores and the thriving market area of small town Yangshuo.

Dining centres on stews and spicy dishes, a highlight the stewed clam chicken, another the tantalising Guilin Rice Noodles and Dong Bamboo Shoot Meat, Miao Bamboo Fish and Maonan Roast Pork.

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