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China: Guangzhou

China: Guangzhou

story by: Inspire Hong Kong & China

Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong province (Canton) is China’s largest and most prosperous commercial city in the south, 182 km north-west of Hong Kong at the confluence of the Pearl and Zengbu rivers. Sites of interest include Yuexiu Park, the biggest park in Guangzhou covering 93 hectares, Guangxiao Temple, one of the oldest Buddhist temples in the city and the octagonal Flower Pagoda in the still-active Temple of the Six Banyan Trees, an oddity in that it appears to have only 9 storeys when , in fact, it has 17.

Once referred to in the western world as Canton, this vibrant city has the weather to attract and captivate a holiday crowd – year round. Guangzhou’s positioning close to the Tropic of Cancer means it avoids the extremely chilly winters.

And when you consider it has such large and scenically splendid outdoor areas to explore, there’s little wonder the 93ha hilltop park of Yuexiu is frequented by as many local businessmen as tourists.

It is here that Cantonese Cuisine was born, a style of cooking familiar among westerners.  Prepare for something sweet, something sour, even salty and spicy. And dim sum is as supreme as the traditional moon cakes and assorted pastries.

As is the case in other major Chinese cities, you can shop until you drop such is the variety and sizes of the department stores and quality boutiques.

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