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China: Chongqing

China: Chongqing

story by: Inspire Hong Kong & China

Chongqing, also known as ‘the mountain city’, sprawls over steep slopes 240m above sea level. It is located in the south-eastern part of the Sichuan Basin at the confluence of the Jaling and Yangtze rivers, giving it the appearance of a peninsula. Important historic sights include Mt. Jinyun with its nine peaks, and a 1500 year old temple. About 150km northwest of Chongqing is the famous UNESCO World Heritage-listed Dazu rock carvings, dating back more than 1000 years.

As a starting or stepping-off point for passengers on Yangtze River cruises, the large city of Chongqing is a vital port of a truly memorable and fulfilling China experience – cruising through the sheer sharply-rising Three Gorges.

While the free-flowing Yangtze is a dominant force in attracting tourists, Chongqing has much more to offer, its long established association with spicy food among its attributes, especially among connoisseurs of Asian delights.

It was in the giant city during the Ming and Qing dynasties (when chilli peppers were introduced) that Sichuan cuisine originated, the Chongqing Hot Pot renowned, so too the spicy shredded pork, diced chicken with peanuts and vegetables, Camphor and Tea Duck – all providing food for thought.

As Chongqing is known as “the mountain city”, it wouldn’t take too long to walk off a meal. Bicycles might be prominent throughout China, but that’s not the case in this city with so many steep hills to climb.

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