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Scotland overflows with iconic images- tartan and bagpipes, whisky and castles.  The originals may be lost in the mists of time but even today the scots speak of a product and unique culture.  Born in a land with a robust wild climate, the Scots are feisty independent people who treasure their heritage and family links which include Neolithic farmers of Skara Brae, the Romans, the Legendary Robert the Bruce and the tragic Monarch and history of Mary, Queen of Scots, Bonnie Prince Charlie and the tragedy of Culloden.

Edinburgh is a great place to begin your exploration of Scotland’s past and maybe trace back your own family routes.  But the true essence of this land can be found further North and into the ‘Highlands’ or outer Islands rather than the more ‘modern’ lowlands of the South. Here you will find the heather and lochs of legend.

The Gaelic culture thrives in the Outer Hebrides where you will find pristine beaches. Pilgrims flock to Iona and the Isle of Skye breathes romance. The remote Shetland Isles are home to the puffin birds and are steeped in Viking lore. Outside the cities are fairytale castles with turrets and towers and if you are strong hearted visit the eerie war sites which echo the bloody moments from Scottish history such as Glencoe, Culloden and of course hunt for the monster in Loch Ness.

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