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Lisbon, Portugal

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Lisbon, Portugal

story by: Inspire Spain, Portugal, Greece & Turkey

      The views from the ramparts of the Castle of St George are among the best on offer in a city where spectacular views are practically a dime a dozen. You may prefer to scale the 28-metre Monument to Christ (reminiscent of Rio’s more famous version) to look back across the Tagus River at the city, or the Discoveries Monument for a bird’s eye view of Belem.
        You can’t swing a cat without hitting another World Heritage listed site, many of which pay tribute to Lisbon’s seafaring past: Belem Tower was a starting point for many of the Voyages of Discovery from the sixteenth century onwards, and even Jeronimo’s Monastery contains countless motifs of explorations – including but not limited to sea monsters.

              • Bairro alto – Wander through the cobbled twisting lanes of this picturesque working class quarter dating from the 16th century. Traditionally this area has been the city’s bohemian haunt of artists and writers. Behind colorful façades are a variety of excellent traditional and international restaurants and tourist-packed Fado Houses. So you must return at night for a meal and the vibrant nightlife.
                • Alfama – Time has stood still here, where washing hangs out to dry from upstairs balconies, caged birds are brought outside for some air, and in the evenings the strains of fado can be heard wafting out from local cafés. The maze ofalleys and streets are carved into the local hillside.
                  • Pasties de nata – These Portuguese vanilla cakes are the most famous, delicious and best kept secrets in Portugal. Well after you’ve returned home, you’ll long for these little tartlets.
                    • Fado – The Fado music may be a bit melancholy but it’s authentic and the essence of Portugal – fado means fate, and its songs tell of heartbreak and longing.
                      • Castle of st geor ge – Climb the hill or take the tram, but make sure you visit this castle right on top of the tallest of Lisbon´s seven hills for some spectacular views over the city and the surrounding countryside. The oldest parts date back to the 6th century and inside the walls you’ll find a lot of beautiful promenades, gardens, houses and a church.
                        • Belem – Allow yourself a full day to see all the famous sights of Belem, just 6kms out of Lisbon. This area is full of great monuments and inspiring history.
                          • Lagos – Drive, train or bus the 3.5hours for a stay in this vibrant town, full of historic interest and stunning views.
                            • Riverside dining at doca de alcantara – Right under the River Tagus Bridge, these old barns once used for boating equipment, have been converted into magnificent restaurants and bars. After dinner, take a romantic walk by the river.

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