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Experience Hawai'i for a stopover

Experience Hawai'i for a stopover

story by: Inspire Hawai'i

As your plane begins its descent, you lean forward in your seat, hoping to glimpse an emerald volcanic peak, rearing out of the ocean and fringed with white sand, but alas, the city is in darkness, and you are greeted instead by twinkling lights. The moment you step off the plane you know you’ve arrived in the right place – the air is warm and has that languid feel that you only find in the tropics. Then, as if to reassure you further, you’re greeted, not by the usual nod from a surly customs official, but with a brilliant smile and a welcoming “aloha”. It’s a greeting you’ll hear a hundred times a day in Hawai'i, and one which you’ll find yourself slipping into your own language as you melt into the rhythm of the islands. Hello, goodbye, peace, love and happiness – all sentiments that suit the Hawaiian lifestyle perfectly. With its Polynesian heritage, it’s easy to imagine that New Zealand would be like this if it had the good fortune to be dragged a few hundred miles closer to the equator.

It’s the sort of destination that makes you want to try new things. Fancy learning to surf? You’ll find a beginner-size wave somewhere on any given day, and there’s no shortage of patient instructors to get you up and riding. Or learn a new artform or custom from the Islands of Aloha. The friendly Hawaiian locals will be only too happy to share their stories and the strong spiritual connection between Hawai‘i and New Zealand. One thing is certain – on your last night, as you watch the sun sink into the Pacific, you’ll wish you could dally a little longer.

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