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Drive yourself around Central Europe

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Drive yourself around Central Europe

story by: Inspire Central & Eastern Europe, & Scandinavia

There’s a lot to be said for having your own wheels on holiday. You can drive down that inviting country lane or that cute village you’ve spied. Driving in a foreign country is not so different to driving in New Zealand. You soon get used to driving on the other side, and the major roads let you cover long distances in good time. If you opt for the minor roads, you’ll avoid the tolls and see much more of the countryside. These days you don’t even have to worry about those relationship-testing moments where the navigator mutters “I think that was our exit…” as you race past an off ramp. For a little extra, you can have a slightly bossy but very knowledgeable GPS system that’ll tell you exactly how to get to where you’re going.

There’s a huge range of car types on offer, and if you’re worried about your carbon footprint you can even opt for a more eco-friendly diesel or hybrid model. If you’re going to be on the road for a longer period of time, you should consider a lease arrangement – you’ll get a brand new car with full factory warranty plus the usual benefits of a rental car such as unlimited kilometres and comprehensive insurance. Once all that’s sorted, you’re ready to hit the road.

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