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Dordogne, France - Highlights

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Dordogne, France - Highlights

story by: Inspire France & Italy

  • Dordogne is an area of France that conjures up an image of a return to rural life at a slow pace; it has even been said that the Dordogne, for the English, is imagined not really as an area of modern France but more as an imaginary reproduction of a bygone rural England -  rather like a warmer and sunnier version of the old Cotswolds, where the houses are built of honey-coloured stone, the meadows are green and rich,  the locals all friendly and obliging country folk, and bemused French visitors can actually watch people playing cricket on the green. Explore these small villages at your leisure and really see for yourself.
  • The heart of the "Dordogne" area is the capital Perigueux: the French tend to refer to this area not as "la Dordogne" but as "le Périgord", and in France the area is most famous for its gourmet delights, notably paté de foie gras, walnuts and truffles.
  • Head into the hinterland!  Upstream from the Dordogne area, the hills get higher and the valley gets deeper. A traveller moving upstream would reach Lot, Corrèze, Cantal, and Puy de Dome - all worth a leisurely visit to explore.

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