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Loire Valley, France - Highlights

Chateau de Beauregard, Loire
Loire Chateau

Loire Valley, France - Highlights

story by: Inspire France & Italy

Often called the Garden of France this region is well known for its vineyards, gardens and rolling green hills. There is so much to see and do in France and the surrounding Loire Valley region that you could become overwhelmed with choice.  To help narrow down your options if you only have a limited time available, at House of Travel we have put together some of our favourite attractions or visitor spots so you don't miss out on anything!
  • The world-famous Cathedral of Chartres which Rodin called the Acropolis of France, is a remarkable testament to medieval architecture. Must sees include the sculpture, the 12' and 13' century stained glass and the amazing collection of ancient musical instruments.
  • Orleans: Once France's second largest city and now the vinegar capital of France, Orleans was liberated from the British by Joan of Arc in 1429. Each year in May a celebration commemorating her exploits is held; the house in which she stayed during the ten-day siege of Orleans can be visited.
  • Blois: Its famous castle has been linked throughout the centuries to the history of the Kings of France. Every Wednesday at the castel, there is night spectacle for english speaking visitors.
  • Amboise/ChenonceauxHuddled under the shadow of its impressive royal castle, Amboise is a pretty town with white stone houses dating from the 15th century. Also of interest is the Cbs Lucé, the former residence of Leonardo da Vinci. A few miles away, the Château of Chenonceau, also called the Ladies Castle, has a famous viewing gallery, built by one of France's great Queens, from which to admire an impressive view of the Cher River.

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