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Frankfurt, Germany - Highlights


Frankfurt, Germany - Highlights

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There is so much to see and do in Germany and the city of Frankfurt that you could become overwhelmed with choice.  To help narrow down your options if you only have a limited time available, at House of Travel we have put together some of our favourite attractions or visitor spots so you don't miss out on anything.

  • Römer – The historic heart of Frankfurt and home to its City Hall, which dates back to 1405. Today you can find lots of restaurants in the Square and the lovely reconstructed buildings make for a great photo opportunity.
  • Zeil Shopping Street – This is the place to shop in Frankfurt. It’s a bustling pedestrian zone where you can find everything from chic boutiques to top high street fashion outlets.
  • Museumsufer (Museum Embankment) – If you walk along the River Main you’ll notice that lined up on both sides of the river bank are some of the best museums in Germany; among them the superb German Film Museum, the Jewish Museum and the highlight, the Städel Museum which focuses on the old masters.
  • Paulskirche (St. Paul’s Church) – It was built between 1789 and 1833, and is the cradle of German democracy. The church was used for political meetings and became the seat of the first freely elected German parliament in 1848. You can find it just off the Römer.
  • The Alte Oper – Or Old Opera House was almost completely destroyed by World War II bombing in 1944 but was reconstructed, and reopened on August 28, 1981. It is now perhaps the prettiest building in Frankfurt.
  • Cider Taverns – The city’s local tipple is “Apfelwein”; a light alcoholic apple cider that is produced in the regions around Frankfurt. You can find some of the best and oldest Apfelwein taverns in the cobblestone streets of the Sachsenhausen district.
  • Weekly markets – The city is full of local markets, which take place at least once a week and where you can buy yummy German food, Apfelwein, fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, cheese and dairy produce, flowers and many other products.

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