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Andalucia, Spain Highlights

Andalucia, Spain Highlights

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There is so much to see and do in Spain and Andalucia that you could become overwhelmed with choice. To help narrow down your options if you only have a limited time available, at House of Travel we have put together some of our favourite attractions or top things you need to experience so you don't miss out on anything.

  • Alcazar – Is home of the King of Spain when visiting Seville and features a castle with delightful gardens designed with ponds, fountains, plants and a Moorish bathhouse. Most of the moorish part dates from the 14th century.
  • Tapas - These are more than just snacks in Andalucia. The word means, literally a lid and was thought to have come from the habit of having a few nibbles with a drink and then placing a saucer of tapas on top of the glass to keep the flies out. Eating one or two tapas with a glass of sherry or wine will enhance the taste experience!
  • Flamenco dance – Experience the passion, romance and vibrant colours of this mesmerising dance. Join in with the locals, snap your fingers, stamp your feet and immerse yourself in the wonderful culture of Flamenco.
  • Mesquita – The chief monument of Cordoba is the Mesquita (cathedral-mosque) dating back to the 10th century. Today the mosque can be visited throughout the year for approximately 6 Euro entrance fee.
  • Sandy beaches – Heading to the beach is the single most popular recreational activity for locals and tourist’s alike with over 800km of coastline. Sunbathing is generally from late
  • May until late September when the Chiringuitos ‘beach bars’ start to open.
  • Malaga – Visit the Picasso Museum here in Malaga where the famous artist was born. Marvel at his works and be sure to allow ample time for exploring, especially in high season when there can be queues.
  • Alhambra palace fortress – Located in the Province of Granada. It was constructed in the mid 14th century, built for the last Muslim Emirs in Spain and its court, of the Nasrid. Be sure to witness this stunning architecture.

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