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The most romantic spots in Phuket

By Anna Sarjeant ​- House of Travel

Looking to amp up the romance with your other half?

May we suggest a holiday for two in Phuket? Our argument is as follows:


1. a quality or feeling of mystery, excitement, and remoteness from everyday life.

In other words, Phuket. 

1. Starlit dinners atop Khao Rang Hill
We’re not sure which we think is better at Phuket View Restaurant; the stunning views from the highest hills in Phuket Town, or the authentic Thai menu, including Pla Dook Foo: Crispy deep fried shredded cat fish with sour mango salad. The restaurant has been sitting atop Khao Rang Hill for over 20 years, enjoying night-after-night of startling sunsets and starlit skies. Perhaps the most romantic aspect to dining at Phuket View, is when dusk meets nightfall and a thousand town lights erupt across the blanket of land. Taxis and tuk tuks will drop you off but make sure you organise a return trip because there are very few drivers who stick around Khao Rang Hill.

And you know what rhymes with Khao Rang Hill don’t you? Michael Hill. Which sell rings. For engagements.

…We’ll just leave that one hanging in the air.

Khao Rang Hill Phuke

2. A couple's massage on Patong Beach
When was the last time you looked at your better half and thought, my goodness, they are in dire need of lower stress levels, tension relief, better muscle movement and more energy? We bet it was only yesterday. The good news is, in Phuket, you can address all of these issue with a traditional Thai massage. Better yet, you can get one on the beach. The masseuses who tend to frequent Patong Beach between November and the end of April, will knead out all those niggly overworked extremities that you regularly observe in your partner, to the glorious backdrop of sun, sand and crashing waves. And you needn’t worry about getting burnt, there is no use of oil in traditional Thai massage and most beach set-ups are fully sheltered.

You’ll come home with a brand new better half... But still the same one, we might add. 


3. Drinks in Old Phuket Town
You know what they say, those who oliang together, stay together. ‘They’ actually don’t say that at all, but Old Town Phuket is where you’ll want to try this delicious Thai drink together. Oliang is iced coffee made from condensed milk, and it’s the perfect beverage to sip while you admire the romantic aesthetics of Old Town Phuket. A Sino-Portuguese hybrid from days gone by, this beautiful nugget of architectural history is replete with bright shop-houses, quaint cafes and pretty paper lanterns hanging from shuttered windows. 

Old Phuket Town Thailand

4. Lazy cruising on a Chinese junk in Phang Nga Bay
We know what you're thinking....Phang Nga Bay. Really House of Travel? REALLY? How obvious is that.

Well yes, yes it is, and it may indeed be very well known, but that doesn’t detract from the fact it is still one of THE most romantic places in Phuket. Possibly the world.

Sheer limestone islands cut an impressive figure amidst water the colour of jade, and deserted beaches make for the perfect landing ground to discover secret coves and idyllic slices of sand. Phang Nga Bay is actually very big, so although popular, hiring a canoe, or booking a boat tour doesn’t have to be as populous as you might imagine. Paddle your two-man canoe through the secluded caves of Phang Nga, or take a lazy cruise on a traditional wooden junk.

Phang Nga Bay Phuket

5. Sunrise at Phromthep Cape
Because who wants to sleep in when you’re on holidays? Well maybe your other half does, but relationships are all about compromise. With that in mind, sunrise at Phromthep Cape requires a very early wake up call. The sun appears anytime between 6am and 7am (we suggest you check depending on the time of year you’re visiting) and looks particularly impressive as the first slivers of light creep over the horizon at Phromthep Cape. This rocky headland juts out into the sea in south-west Phuket, with Phi Phi islands standing gracefully in the distance. Add an orange glow and a picturesque lighthouse, and hey presto, the morning just took your breath away.

Phromthep Cape_Phuket


6. Two minds working as one
Friends and family will expect you to return from Phuket with romantic pictures of beaches and candlelit dinners, so no doubt you’ll surprise them with a three-storey upside down house.

Introducing Baan Teelanka.

Three attractions in one, there’s the reversed house, which sits on its roof and allows visitors to explore three storeys by walking on the ceilings in eight separate rooms. Then there’s the 1000sqm A-Maze located in the backyard, and the Chamber of Secrets, a two-roomed puzzle where guests are locked inside and have to think their way out using clues and resolving riddles.

…It’s here we mention there’s complimentary Wi-Fi throughout - but using Google would be cheating, right? Best stick with your calculation and logic.

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