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Ever wondered what luxury train travel is like? We sought two perspectives from two very different passengers on Canada’s prestigious Rocky Mountaineer:



House of Travel’s JASON TODD spent three days travelling from Vancouver to Banff. Here he details the on-board experience.

All aboard.
The atmosphere at the Rocky Mountaineer Station is cheery and friendly; you can tell everyone’s excited for an adventure. There’s a fantastic pianist playing while staff hand out welcome drinks. Boarding begins at 7.15am, bagpipes play and passengers are directed to their carriages.

These aren’t just any old seats.
You don’t sleep on-board the train but in hotels. However, in GoldLeaf Service, you have reclining seats, with lazyboy-style foot rests, plenty of space and heated seat options.

Superior train views.
The GoldLeaf Service domes are elevated and provide spectacular views. We were lucky to have a stunning sunny day to watch Vancouver turn into a scenic trail following the river bends.

Journey highlights.
One of my favourite locations was the outdoor viewing platform. It’s mostly sheltered but perfect for scenic photos. We disembarked for sightseeing: There are plenty of packages that include incredible excursions in the Rocky Mountains. 

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Jason Todd


Because you also expect good food, Rocky Mountaineer Chef JEAN PIERRE GUERIN shares his culinary insight. Et oui, he’s French!

Bringing the flavours of Canada onboard.
We think showcasing Canada’s culinary merits is as important to the journey as the scenery. From Alberta short ribs to white tuna plucked from British Columbia water, food is fresh and local.

Dining between classes.
In SilverLeaf Service there’s a choice of two items, served via a rolling table at your seat. The chef — and incredibly there’s only one — prepares individual dishes for every diner. GoldLeaf Service guests use the dining car and order from a daily-changing menu.

Satisfying every palette.
Every dietary condition is accommodated. Due to demand, we’ve made the menu gluten free. Not that carb-lovers won’t be satisfied, we make hot rolls and fresh scones every day.

Creating a fool proof menu.
We always review the season’s winning dishes and guest feedback. Then we look at what’s seasonally available. Of course, being French, I insist on good wine at every mealtime.

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Rocky Mountaineer

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