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By Anna Sarjeant

New for March 2018, China Airlines’ latest aircraft, the Airbus A350-900 connects passengers to more places than ever before. Fly on their latest aircraft, for a price that’s also kind to ​your kitty.  

Intrigued? We couldn't wait to find out more. Here’s what else China Airlines have also been busy working on.

China Airlines

1. Comfort worth raving about
As the only carrier operating an A350-900 from Auckland to Brisbane, China Airlines serve food and entertainment for the entire duration of your flight across the Tasman. I.E, unlike some airlines which cross ​the ocean to Aussie’s east coast, it’s a full-service experience with complimentary refreshments.  

China Airlines

2. Connect to Europe for less
Fly China Airlines to Brisbane and from there you have fuss-free connections to Asia, Rome and London Gatwick via Taipei in Taiwan. The airline’s latest Airbus A350-900 service ​will fly you long haul for a seriously affordable price.

* Please note, your connecting flight to Europe might be on-board a different aircraft to the A350-900. 

3. The airline’s main hub is in Taiwan
Specifically Taipei, and yet most people don’t know this. As Taiwan’s capital, Taipei is a culture explosion of traditional Taiwanese mixed with Japanese, Spanish and Dutch influence. It’s a city making all the ‘what’s hot’ lists ​each year and well worth adding as a stopover. Even if you only have a few hours to waste, as soon as you land, visitors have access to the comprehensive railway system encircling the island. If you’re not too familiar with Taiwan’s many merits, click here to read our Taiwan blog. 


4. Enjoy a superior service in Premium Business Class
Settle in for a good night’s sleep with the Airbus A350-900’s 180 degree fully-flat seats, an 18 inch personal screen, ample storage space, Sky lounge Area, amenity kit and the convenience of direct aisle access from every seat. Spacious and secluded, the seats morph into an extra-wide bed, complete with bed lamps. 

China Airlines


5. Enjoy the Sky Lounge
On the Boeing 777-300ER and Airbus A350-900, Premium Business Class passengers also get full access to The Sky Lounge, a self-serve refreshment area 40,000 feet in the sky. Stocked with coffee, tea, alcoholic beverages, cup noodles and various snacks, the space also boasts social areas located next to the exits, and a bijou library with books selected by Eslite Bookstore.

China Airlines


6. Experience the finer things with Premium Economy
In Premium Economy you’ll find seats which recline to a sleep-inducing 129 degrees. Your personal TV screen measures 12 inches and the leg rest has made a much-welcome comeback. Better yet, it’s a three-position foot rest. Couple that with a four-way adjustable head rest and you’ll enjoy a comfortable flight whichever way you position yourself. 

China Airlines


7. Slim line economy seats make the world of difference
Even in economy you benefit from greater personal space and a more comfortable experience. Extra slim seats have been designed to ensure maximum legroom between yourself and the passenger in front. With a 116 degree recline, you can push your seat all the way back without cramping the style of those sitting behind, and with an 11 inch TV screen, you won’t need to squint to see the movie. Economy is anything but basic.


China Airlines

​8. Boredom-busting inflight entertainment
Fantasy Sky is the in-flight entertainment system on all China Airlines’ aircraft excluding their Boeing 737–800. Passengers have access to over 100 movies, as well as television shows, music and video games. On the Boeing 777-300ER, Fantasy Sky also boasts Duty Free catalogues, E-Books and chatrooms. Boredom doesn’t exist on a China Airlines’ flight.

China Airlines


​9. Wi-Fi while you fly
Once the plane reaches cruising altitude, in-flight Wi-Fi is available on the Boeing 777-300ER and Airbus A350-900. Get connected simply and quickly, by paying through the TV system.


Drop in-store and ask us about all the extensive global routes now serviced by China Airlines. With a brand spanking new aircraft, fares that’ll leave change in your pocket, and a convenient stopover in trending Taiwan, come and see what all the fuss is about.  


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