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By Anna Sarjeant

 > Summer in Sydney

Let’s face it, Sydney excels at many things, shopping included. This is the story of two self-confessed shopaholics let loose in the city. And because no shopping trip should be commenced without kilojoules, we’ve included our top food spots for refuelling en route.

Let’s go! 

Coffee Shop in Sydney

1. The fuel: Caffeine
Tiger Mottle, 248 Glenmore Rd, Five Ways - Paddington
Two girls in search of pre-shopping caffeine - as if we’re going to settle for anything less than the perfect flat white. Good job Tiger Mottle (and Paddington’s coolest café) is Kiwi owned. The signature coffee's called the maple mottle and consists of a shot of maple syrup, double ristretto and a dash of chilli with cream on top. Forego the food for another maple mottle and leave feeling pumped.  

2. The fashion: Paddington
The city’s chicest burb, especially for shopping, Paddington is the playground of models and musicians, lined with designer threads, cool cafés and beautiful Victorian townhouses. Luxury labels are found at The Intersection, the fashion must-do for any shopaholic. Where Oxford Street and Glenmore Road collide, it’s home to sass & bide, Willow, Zimmermann, Camilla, Marc and more.


3. The fuel: Elevenses
Doughnut Time, Queen Victoria Building - CBD
Bus back to the CBD and head to the QVB for a medley of gooey glazed sugar-barrels, AKA donuts.  When it comes to sweet treats, Doughnut Time is the whole kit and caboodle; from the names (Ferrero no share made from Ferrero Rocher) to the toppings: nutella, salted caramel, cookie dough, aero pieces, it’s any sugar fiend’s ‘safe place’.

4. The fashion: QVB boutiques
It goes without saying the QVB is stunning. A heritage building in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, covering six levels and an entire city block, it’s as huge as it is beautiful. With no end of names, many of which are niche Australian labels, but you’ll also find Calvin Klein, Coach and Victoria’s Secret, as well as high street favourites like The Body Shop, Seed and Lush. Shopping aside, don’t leave without using the bathroom, those ritzy powder rooms are nothing short of sublime.

CBD Sydney

5. The fuel: Lunch
David Jones food hall
You may hate food courts but Sydney has changed the face of sterile mall dining, in the name of David Jones food hall, just a five minute walk from the QVB. Firstly, there’s an oyster bar. An oyster bar! Not a KFC, McDonalds or squeaky plastic chair in sight. Head towards the delicatessen and pick up a fresh assortment of salad and a salami-packed panini.     

6. The fashion:
The High Streets - CBD
High street shopping at its most exciting, as long as you’re milling around Pitt, Castlereagh or George Street, you’ll be in the very thick of it. David Jones occupies Castlereagh but you’ll only have to hop two blocks to reach Myer on George Street. That’s fine because you’ll cross Pitt Street en route and that’s where you’ll find both Zara and H&M.

Sydney Dining

All shopped out, it's time to take your weary feet and multiple branded bags to dinner. Let’s hope the plastic allows for one last swipe!  

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