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By Anna Sarjeant

So, you love Bali do you? Bit of a repeat offender so to speak? Not to worry. We've rummaged through the country and dug out 7 new Bali things to do.  

Go scuba diving – the lazy way

Have you always dreamed of diving, but have never quite committed to the training and practice? We also heard there’s ‘theory’ involved – ain’t nobody no lazybones got time for that. Good news, if you’re bone idle (let’s not sugar coat this predicament), holiday in Bali and hire an underwater scooter. Accessing depths of 20m and speeds of 2km (yeesh, watch out Nemo) these one-man submarine style mopeds skim over the seabed and require no certification, experience, or fiddly scuba gear. Amen to being slothful.

The logistics: Day tours start from $130NZ departing in Banjar Pujung Kelod, Tegallalang, Gianyar.

2. Close your eyes and hope for the best

Well check out the big balls on you. We bet you’re into anything that results in an adrenalin rush. How about a zipline between two of Bali’s gnarliest cliff edges? That’d be Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Lembonga; two jagged bluffs divided by beautiful turquoise water smashing into the rocks below. Aptly named The Abyss Zipline, it’s a snippet of a ride – all of a few seconds, but there’s also an infinity pool to laze away a few hours, and a small bar serving cold beer. Helpful if you need a little liquid courage to get you across the abyss.  

The logistics: Catch a ferry from Sanur Beach or Benoa Harbor to Nusa Lembongan. There's no car hire so arrange for a pickup service to Ceningan Island Resort in Nusa Ceningan, where the zipline's located.

Bali cliffedge

Go to Bali. Become a pirate.

What, you thought Bali was all long beaches and even longer spa sessions? Nuh uh. If you've got kids in tow, it's all about Sea Safari Cruises. The pirate nights in particular.

Held aboard a traditional sailing vessel (yes with cool masts), you’ll be required to don pirate costume, while you watch dance shows, fire dancers and live music. Piratey themed, obvs. There’s a buffet to keep you well fed and a few fun competitions and prizes to keep the kids’ energy levels on a permanent level 10. Don’t look at us like that’s a bad thing, they’ll be knackered by nightfall. Hurrah.

The logistics: Catch Sea Safari Cruises from Harbor Benoa in the south of Bali.

Sailing Ship Silhouette

Discover the preferred hangout of serial cocktail sippers

Can’t go a day without a daiquiri? The latest (and greatest) cocktail bar to hit the Balinese beachfront is at La Laguna in Canggu. Nothing shy of a glorified gypsy caravan park, the entire locale is littered with reclaimed gypsy-mobiles. Amidst the traveller’s whispers and tarot cards, you’ll find two of Bali’s greatest assets: a cocktail list and a beach. Bohemian poofs are scattered across the grass which fronts the shoreline. ...Paradise. That’s what your future entails. No need for a gypsy to tell you that.

The logistics: Canggu is 20 minutes north of Seminyak. A taxi will drop you off but local rules prevent them from driving onto the property for pick-ups. Ask wait staff to organise your return transport, or walk to the main road and flag a cab.


Have a shave n’ a vodka shot

If you’re a discerning gentleman with a penchant for a single malt and a cut-throat shave, the BARber is a Balinese drinking hole that will suit your two needs very nicely. Both a bar and a barber (the clue’s in the capitals), get your mullet cut and your cup replenished. Located in The Sintesa hotel at Jumbaran Bay, the 1930s themed décor complements the well-polished lounge, live music and coils of cigar smoke. Ten minutes in the barber’s chair and you’ll be the nattiest gentleman at the billiard table.    

The logistics: Get your hairy chin chin down to The Sintesa at No.1 Jimbaran, Kuta Sel. Thatta boy.  

Barbers Shop

6. Find an isolated beach – no joke, they exist
Spoiler alert, we’re about to let one mother of a big cat out of a bag.

There’s a beach in Bali that remains deserted. Yup. Somewhere the tourists don’t know about, so the touts don’t bother, and the serenity, save for the sound of crashing waves, is all intact. You’re looking for Nyang Nyang Beach. A masterpiece of angel-white sand, crystal water and two shipwrecks. And all this is cradled by a dramatic coastline of lush mountainside.  

The logistics: So removed from civilisation, you might just have to get lost to get there. Dodge a few cows and follow your intuition. This is the address... do with it what you can: Desa Pecatu, Kecamatan Kuta Selatan, Pecatu.  


Hop in a free Jacuzzi

Fancy a free Jacuzzi? And why wouldn’t you? For that price we’ll also throw in a private tub*, amazing ocean views and a startling sunset. Make your way to Tegal Wangi Beach in Jimbaran. Granted, this isn’t one of the most beautiful beaches in Bali, in fact it’s pot-marked with cankers; little holes that litter the shoreline and fill with sea water. Ugly maybe, but once you climb in and gaze across a perfect ocean horizon, you’ll forget the superficial shortcomings. When the sun dips, you’re in for a retina-pleasing delight. 

The logistics: Pop these deets in Google Maps and grab yourself a private Jacuzzi made from nature’s finest: Pura Tegalwangi, Badung, Jimbaran.

*Private depending on whether any other pesky sunset-seekers get in with you. However, there are plenty of pods to pick from, so jump in and mark your territory. 

Bali Sunset

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