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By Anna Sarjeant

Yes, Broadbeach.

Because let’s be honest, when talking about this GC burb, the notion of ‘gourmet food’ doesn’t exactly spring to mind. But hold tight ​you dining defeatist, because the tides are turning (yes, pun very much intended).

...Broadbeach has had a transformation.

Here are 6 hot hangouts that have foodies all of a flutter – and a fair few ​food critics eating their words.


1. The Loose Moose

75 Surf Parade

Two things making a bigger comeback than Kylie Minogue circa 2001, are whiskey and underground speakeas​ys from the 1920s. We couldn’t be happier. The Loose Moose provides both, including a whopping 130 whiskey varietals and an American-come-Canadian twist of aesthetics. As for food, you’re looking at a North American menu jam-packed with Angus beef burgers, spicy ribs, hotdogs and buffalo wings. And if you’re truly hard-core, try the Volcanic Ass Burner (as subtle as ever with their vocab; God bless you, Australia), it’s made using the hottest chilli in the world.    

HOT tip: After all that "hot stuff", cool down with The Loose Moose Snickers ice-cream cake.


2. Ten Japanese Restaurant

2669 - 2679 Gold Coast Highway

The perfect option for date night. But wear your snazziest getup because the décor’s so delicious, you’ll be outdone by the beauty of inanimate objects. There’s only one word to describe the food, service and staff, and that’s elegant. The chefs are equally graceful; observing traditional Japanese methods while combining them with modern techniques. Impress your date with the five course degustation menu, sake matching and one of the 150 choices of wine.

HOT tip: Make it date number three or four. At these prices, you’ll want to be treating someone who has the potential to be special.

Japanes Fine Dining

 The Lamb Shop

Shop 106, Oracle Boulevard

Remember Sundays as a kid? When the smell of slow cooked lamb wafted through the house and dribble fell out of your mouth and down your chin? Relive the ​glory days at The Lamb Shop. Inspired by souvlaki (a​s well as childhood) the lamb​ is roasted over hot charcoals for up to four hours, and then served inside a doughy pita pocket and a scattering of hand cut chips.

HOT tip: If you’re feeling the Kiwi need for splendour, add a speciality craft beer  - or a VB if you feel like slumming it with your Aussie cousins.  

Lamb Roast Pita

4. The Oracle Dining precinct

Oracle Boulevard

Forget the epic surf, the real star of Broadbeach is the show-stopping Oracle Dining precinct. A hunting ground for the fashion-forward and status-conscious, it’s a flashy combo of shopping, dining and slick spa options. The number one cosmopolitan experience in Broadbeach, if you go ga-ga for Vogue, you’ll be living the centre-spread lifestyle in here.

Here are our fave happening hangouts in the OD:

  • JaMn: Organic, raw and *biodynamic by day; a dessert lounge by night. Sold.
  • Brunch & Co: A gourmet New York-style sandwich shop. Anything from a bacon butty to a pulled pork sarnie at a price that'll never make you wince.
  • The lamb Shop: See above.
  • The Cuban: Does exactly what you'd expect, beautifully so. A cheerful establishment serving tapas, paella, Cuban coffee and the best Mojito between here and Havana.
  • No Name Lane: For coffee that give those caffeine-crazed Melbournians a good run for their money.

HOT tip: * Just in case you’re as clueless as we were. Biodynamic “Relates to a system of farming that follows a sustainable, holistic approach using only organic, usually locally-sourced materials for fertilising and soil conditioning.”


5. The Patio

Pacific Fair, Hooker Blvd

Sitting on the last week before payday but still need to eat? We feel ya.

The Patio is Pacific Fair's newest casual dining precinct, with all the flavour for a lot less dollar. You’ll find all manner of cuisine inside the mall, from Vietnamese to Greek to Mexican. Your modern-day food court without the fast food stigma (or smell) comfort food comes in the form of the Snag Stand, while Grill’d deliver the freshest, highest quality burgers in the burb. On yer bike, Ronald, there's no place for a greasy clown on this patio.

Hot tip: Entirely devoted to schnitzels, SCHNITZ make schntzees fresh to order. Follow the long line of Aussies (and the smell of golden fried breadcrumbs) and feed your need for good schnitz.  


6. The Fish House

50 Goodwin Terrace, Burleigh Heads

Just a quick 30 minute drive from Main Beach, you’ll come across Burleigh Heads and The Fish House.

Situated across the road from a beautiful stretch of white sand, sits The Fish House; the perfect place to enjoy a bottle of wine and some of the Gold Coast’s finest seafood dishes. If you have time to while away the afternoon, go for “The Fish House Experience”.  A series of tasting plates that will take your taste buds through a delectable journey of ocean treats, from Raw Yellowfin Tuna with Pacific Oyster & Sterling Caviar to restaurateur, Simon Gloftis, famous Lemony Fish Soup (originally made by Simon’s grandma). So good in fact, Simon has the recipe inked on his arm.

HOT tip:  Dine out on decadence all afternoon, then pop over the road for a stroll on Burleigh Heads. 


How's that for a fine feast? We'll help you and your gut get to Broadbeach with all these ​Gold Coast holiday deals. 

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