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5 steps to Cosmo success

By Anna Sarjeant ​- House of Travel

With over 50 years’ experience creating global travel experiences, Cosmos have refined their tours into a perfect mix of affordable and adventurous. Compiling travel packages to the world’s most captivating places, they attract a slightly younger clientele than their sister product, Globus. Typically, Cosmos travellers are in their fabulous forties and hell-bent on an incredible adventure.

If this sounds like you, read on for our five nifty steps to securing Cosmos success.


1. Choose a travel region and theme
What’s been on your wish list for a while now? Is it the Roman heart of Italy? Do you dream of standing in the same amphitheatres as emperors, and to marvel at the towering aqueducts of Roman ingenuity? Perhaps you just like Carbonara.
Maybe it’s the sunflowers of France that you seek; fields of sunshine that inspired Van Gogh, or the remnants of war that scatter the European continent, from Normandy to Warsaw and every town in between.

If picking a region is the hardest part, ask your House of Travel consultant about Cosmos’ various annual events, which escort guests to some of the world’s most sought-after festivals and occasions. Love Elvis? How about an eight-day tour of rock 'n' roll, blues and country music in Memphis and Nashville? Or a tour soaking up the very best of the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo. Cosmos go everywhere, from Europe to the US, the Middle East and Canada. If you’re game, they’ll put you where you want to be.  


2. Decide on a budget
Cosmos boast an extensive collection of tours, some of which are under $1,998, so if you’re after a more affordable travel package to the world’s best places, you’re in luck with Cosmos.

Once you have locked in your holiday, you really only have to budget for spends while away, as well as any additional add-on excursions that might take your fancy. All your accommodation and the majority of your meals are included in the price, along with transportation, so there really are no hidden costs. Or unexpected ones once you depart! Sticking to the budget is easy when you travel with Cosmos.

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3. Ditch the hassle of hotel searches
With any major city, there are any number of hotels to entice you. Organise it yourself and, well, good luck!

…. Suddenly you’ve spent four hours in the vortex of hotel booking websites and you’re still no clearer as to where you should stay. That’s no way to start a holiday.

 With Cosmos, the accommodation is pre-arranged for you. They endeavour to place you in hotels that are both well facilitated and well located, so all hotels are pre-screened and pre-selected. You’ll be staying in more residential areas, with all the top-spots on your doorstep. You can absorb the ambience of your new surroundings simply by stepping outside. After a day of sightseeing, Cosmos ensure you return to an attractive, comfortable and clean hotel with plentiful facilities to relax. But if you prefer to spend your downtime exploring independently, hotels are always close to easy public transport. Go out and explore your own way.

Europe Hotel

4. Get excited for all of the perks
Sure, independent travel has its merits, but with Cosmos you get both a multi-lingual Cosmos Tour Director, as well as several Local Guides who are all from the areas you’re travelling through. As a result, you receive an in-depth introduction to all the key places that you’re keen to discover. Remember that wish list? Rome’s easily brought to life when you walk it with a Roman guide - with first-hand, in-depth knowledge of all its jaw-dropping landmarks. And the best carbonara in the city is easily found when your Tour Director recommends a traditional trattoria that he’s been frequenting since he was nine years old. Put simply, you’ll get off the tourist track (and out of the stock-standard tourist guide books) and right into the thick of authentic culture.    

Italy dining

5. Know what to expect
Never lift a finger, never lift a bag. No hassles, no headaches - just enjoy. Cosmos have been refining guided holidays for more than five decades. Expect more independence, hand-picked hotels for memorable stays and more change in your pocket so you can stay and play for longer. Cosmos tours will give you a taste of life as only the locals know it. You’re all set to go out and have an adventure, with memories that’ll stay with you forever.  


And finally. Go and enjoy yourself!
One great day deserves another. Experience the unmatched value of a Cosmos  and see how they turn one great travel day into another… and another….and another.

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