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More than ever, Macau offers something old, something new, something different. On any street you may find a Taoist temple and a Catholic Church; European-style pavement cafés and clattering Chinese restaurants.

Sixty-five kilometres out of Hong Kong, Macau is the small yet modernised peninsula to HK’s west.  In line with Macau’s zippy city vibes, we’re showcasing 20 Macau hot-spots, described in 20 words or less...


1. Venetian Casino

A casino, event’s arena and hotel. The sister casino to the Las Vegas’ Venetian and the largest in the world.


2. Senado Square

Little Portugal in Macau - and the former meeting place for 16th century Portuguese, with European buildings and Mediterranean-style pavements.


3. House of Dancing Water

Water-based theatrics by acclaimed director, Franco Dragone. With gymnasts, dancers, performers and motorcyclists held at the City of Dreams Casino.


4. Kun Iam Temple

13th Century Buddhist temple and home to the first treaty of trade and friendship between USA and China. Free admission.


5. Clube Militar de Macau

A handsome colonial building and former 1870 military club, now a distinguished Portuguese inspired restaurant. Try the delicious rice pudding with mango.


6. St Pauls Church ruins

Only the façade and stairway remain of this early 17th Century Jesuit church. Built to teach Christianity, it’s distinctly European.


7. Portuguese egg tart

Different to Cantonese egg tarts, Macau’s have a crème brûlée burnt top. For the best in town, head to ‘Lord’ Stow’s bake shop in Coloane Village.


8. Grand Lisboa Casino

Another casino! Macau is ‘the Las Vegas of china’. A hotel too, it’s the tallest and most distinctive building in the city.


9. Grand Prix

Considered one of the most demanding Grand Prix circuits in the world. For both cars AND motorcycles, held annually in November.


10. Yum Char

It’s nigh impossible to find bad yum char in Macau. Try shrimp dumplings or pork dumpling, rice rolls, congee, pancakes etc etc…


11. Fisherman’s Wharf

East meets west in Macau's dazzling entertainment complex. Plenty of shopping, restaurants, nightclubs, amphitheatres and an erupting volcano.


12. Food tours

Experience Macau's culinary diversity with a food tour. Mixing Asian with Portuguese, try anything from pork buns to chorizo sausage.


13. Macau Temple

Start in China, turn the corner and find yourself in Portugal, in Taipa the narrow Asian streets transform into European esplanades.



14. Macau Tower

233m above ground level and the world's highest bungee jump. Call yourself a Kiwi? Go on, take the plunge.


15. Macau Tower – continued

Once the thrills are over, replenish energy levels at 360° Café on the 60th floor or 180° Lounge on the floor below.


16. Gondolas

Back to the Venetian Casino for three man-made canals and a gondola - complete with singing gondolier; in both Italian and Mandarin if you're lucky.


17. One Central Mall

Shop designer labels with complementary Nam Van Lake views. Located on Avenida de Sagres, open until 11pm and midnight on Saturdays.


18. Hac Sa Beach

The largest natural beach and a black one at that. On the southeast side of Coloane Island and mixed with some imported gold sand too.


19. Coloane

Mostly unaffected by modernisation and the former stomping ground of pirates, Coloane village boasts temples, old junk-building sheds and traditional Chinese architecture.


20. Monte Fort

A historic 16th Century fort with a park, observatory and the Macau Museum. A former military base; perfectly preserved and free for visitors.

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