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By Anna Sarjeant

What to do and see in Tahiti; where, when and how. This is your definitive lowdown.


1. The elusive Tahitian black pearl, it’s what pirates have sought for centuries, and now you can too at the many pearl shops of Papeete.

2. For all those who fall out with Sat Nav on the reg, there’s only one road in Tahiti. Hire a car and take a drive, you can’t get lost!

3. The venue’s called the Pink Coconut Bar. The cocktails are served to a sunset backdrop, and the views span across Moorea. Could you think of a more perfect holiday setting?

4. Mix with the locals in the Paofai Gardens and watch the Vaa’a canoeists training in the lagoon.

5. The big one. The one wave all surfers fear and fancy in equal amounts. Teahupoo is widely considered the most dangerous break in the world. Venture down the stunning west coast and see it first-hand.


6. Love ice-cream? Who doesn’t. Wrap your lips around a tiare flavoured ice-cream at the Agricultural College. It's "swexotic". Sweet and exotic. That'll catch on for sure. Just wait.

7. Surfers should head to Haapiti. Said to have one of the world’s most consistent breaks, it’s a rite of passage for any wave rider.

8. Learn how to make the famous Tahitian raw fish, poisson cru. That way you can make a little bit of Tahiti at home; you’ll be on NZ soil but your taste buds can return to paradise.

9. Take a load off and commandeer some hooves instead. Enjoy a horse ride through the pineapple plantations and Moorea’s majestic valleys.

Moorea Tahiti Bay

Bora Bora

10. Hire a bike in the main village of Vaitape and cycle a route that takes you past all the charming roadside snack bars and trinket shops.

11. Snorkelling doesn’t get much better than Coral Garden. Witness an amazing abundance of tropical fish – we seriously doubt you’ll ever want to get out of the water.

12. Because you mostly go to Bora Bora for the quintessential Utopian escape: Turquoise sea, shallow water and platinum-white sand. Head to Matira Beach – it ticks all boxes. 

Bora Bora


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