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Globus has been fine tuning the rich adventures of global travel for over 90 years. When it comes to what Kiwis are after, there’s very little – if anything – they don’t know about fulfilling travel dreams. Ask yourself what you want from your next North America holiday, and we bet Globus ticks every box.


“I want to…”

1. "Awaken my inner explorer."

Whether you’re pining for the breath-taking expanses of the Grand Canyon, the wide-open American plains or the crisp pure air of the Canadian Rockies, Globus can take you. With travel packages to the world’s most captivating places, you can choose anything from immersive regional tours to in-depth cross-country tours. Unwind by the light of a pine campfire in British Colombia or roll the rice under the Las Vegas lights. It’s easy when Globus takes care of the details. All you do is the exploring!



2. "Have a hands-on travel experience."

With Globus, you’ll enjoy a hands-on travel adventure that covers both the major attractions and special behind-the-scenes experiences. Guests are thoroughly immersed in destinations and leave feeling they’ve really gotten to understand the local cultures, customs and history. Globus carefully crafts every detail because its guides know these precious moments belong to you and every single one matters.   


3. "Have plenty of free time to do as I please."

Itineraries are meticulously planned to ensure every guest gets the most out of their holiday. Excursions are rich and plentiful, but your free time is just as generous. If you’re a dedicated planner, your pre-planned program will outline when you have a few spare hours, thus allowing you to research any additional landmarks you’d like to explore. Alternatively, fly by the seat of your pants and take each day as it comes. Your Tour Director is an invaluable resource here, bursting with recommendations to suit every taste. Whether you want the best dining spot in the city, or a one-stop shop for all your souvenirs, every question has an expert answer.



4. "Enjoy unique, hard-to-book experiences."

Globus is famous for getting travellers into the most sought-after, memorable and hard-to-book experiences worldwide. In fact, some are only open to guests of the company’s experienced guides. How would you like to skip the wait list for lunch at an early eighteenth century colonial inn in New England? Talk with a Lakota Native American about his culture and heritage? Get a backstage experience at the famous Ryman Auditorium, monument to country music? Globus arranges these and more, a huge perk of benefitting from their experience and connections around the world.


5. "Visit the must-see sights in-depth."

Globus isn’t the type of guided holiday to simply drive by the big tourist sights and expect guests to take a photo through the window. You will always get closer and enjoy fully guided sightseeing. Tour Directors find the highlights that reveal the best of the places you’re experiencing. With a Globus tour, you might spot ancient bison on the American plains or meet a Canadian Mountie to learn about their role in North American history. Maybe it will be a Brewer’s Dinner on the Oregon coast or breakfast within eyesight of bears in British Colombia. The extra-special and behind-the-scenes experiences are never too far away. 



6. "To sample cuisine full of local flavours."

Enjoy authentic regional flavours at every stop. If you’re a foodie in search of home-made cuisine and traditional recipes passed through generations, you’re in good hands. With Globus you’ll experience anything from private wine tastings to traditional meals prepared in authentic restaurants. Every day you’ll tuck into a hearty breakfast. Then enjoy lunch at welcoming local restaurants. Or you’ll have free time to sample the local fare for yourself. If in doubt, ask your Tour Director or Local Guide for an insider’s tip off. After Canada’s best poutine? Or the South’s best shrimp and grits? They’ll know where to point you. 



7. "Have help along the way."

If you’ve read the above and are now nodding away enthusiastically, it’s clear your inner explorer is hungry for an adventure. But North America is large and the very thought of conquering it can be intimidating. With Globus you’re provided a hand-picked Tour Director. With extensive local knowledge, your Tour Director might be native to the country you’re visiting or simply be an expert on that particular area. Either way, their knowledge is rivalled only by their enthusiasm and they’re always on-hand to offer advice. You won’t need to lift a finger - unless of course you want to ask a question. They love those!


8."Live like a local."

Globus also source charismatic local guides who are hand-picked for their boundless energy and vast knowledge of their cities, towns and neighbourhoods. Animated and highly engaging, you will delight in seeing places through the eyes of a local. Whether they regale you with stories of previous inhabitants - cowboys, explorers and revolutionaries -- or show you something only the locals know about (with a light tap to the nose) you will gain a local, and highly personalised insight into the region. One that can’t be pulled from a guide book or downloaded from Google.



9. "Indulge in pure luxury."

Globus delivers premium touring and an exceptional service. Operating since 1928, it’s highly proficient in making your travel experience its most comfortable. Providing first-class transportation on all Globus motor coaches (and if called for, first-class rail and cruise), guests receive VIP access to all the must-see sights and benefit from top-notch hotels that are always conveniently located in the very heart of the city.



10. "Stay at hotels that are guaranteed excellent."

Globus endeavours to place you in accommodation that’s both well facilitated and well located, so all hotels are pre-screened and pre-selected. When you’re travelling around North America visiting the destinations of your dreams, it’s all about location, location, location. With all the top spots on your doorstep, you can absorb the ambience of your new surroundings by simply stepping outside the foyer. And when it comes to hotel check-in, all the fiddly bits are handled for you: Quickly, efficiently and best of all, without you even realising. Your Tour Director oversees check-in so you can go straight to your room. Relax after another incredible day and take some time to freshen up, then head back out to immerse yourself in your new destination.

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