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By Anna Sarjeant

Princess Cruises’ World Cruise 2019 is a global cruise like no other. Departing Auckland, you’ll visit 39 different destinations over three months and experience an authentic insight into the world's most fascinating cultures, cuisines and must-see landmarks... Ask any explorer from centuries prior to present day, and they’ll all tell you the same thing: There’s no better way to see the world than from the water.


Here are our top 10 quickfire reasons to embark on a global adventure with Princess Cruises:

1. The entire world is in your hands
How often do you get the chance to visit multiple destinations in one single journey? Sail around the world and visit the world’s greatest destinations, all on the same holiday. Some would say easy peasy - and they'd be right!

Convenience is key 

Depart and return to Auckland for complete ease.

3. Surprisingly good value
A three month cruise with all included main meals, entertainment and travel costs can be more economical than regular holiday airfares, accommodation, sightseeing and dining.

4. Easy money transactions
Australian dollars are available on-board for easier transactions – wherever in the world you're docked. 

5. Tipping is not required
Remove additional costs such as gratuities, unless you want to leave an extra tip for outstanding service. You don't get that on a French holiday - without a tut tut from the waiter!

6. Award-winning itineraries
Princess Cruises have been continually voted "Best Cruise Itineraries”.

Entertainment that soaks up local traditions

On-board cuisine and entertainment is aligned to the destinations you dock at. Discover the unique flavours of every region visited.

8. Exclusive events
From gala events to foreign movies and folkloric shows, you'll be entertained around-the-clock.

9. Unique culinary experiences
Enjoy special menus created to mark the crossing of the Equator and International Dateline. There's absolutely nothing run-of-the-mill when you dine with Princess Cruises. 

10. Encounter the world's most revered sites
Every day presents the opportunity to dock at breath-taking ports and step ashore on some of the most dreamed about destinations; from ports all along the Baltic Sea to Costa Rica and Peru.

Princess Cruises’ World Cruise 2019 will go on sale 9am Thursday 9 November. Don't miss out! Register your interest in-store at House of Travel today. 

This is just one of the many great cruise options that we offer. Click here to see all our current cruise offers. 

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