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rebecca lucas - wholesale Travel consultant

house of travel product - longhaul

Brief summary of what you do:
I speak with House of Travel agents on the phone and help them sell destinations such as Asia, US/Canada, UK and Europe. We process clients bookings with the suppliers and also quote and package products outside of our preferred range of accommodation and tours etc. I assist retail consultants to provide solutions for House of Travel Customers

What’s the best thing about working in the travel industry?
The travelling! It’s not only being able to travel to amazing destinations but also being able to help people plan their holidays which makes it really satisfying!

How long have you worked for HOT?:
8 years
2003–2005 - Processing / Finals team at HOT Product
2005-2006 – Wholesale Consultant in the Australia Team
2006-2007 – Job outside of HOT
2007-2009 – Wholesale Consultant in the Australia Team
2009-2010 – Job outside of HOT
2010-2012 - Wholesale Consultant in the Australia
2012-now - Wholesale Consultant in the Longhaul Team

Why do you like working for HOT?:
The people definitely make it a great place to work. It’s a really fun environment and everyone works as a team which makes it even better!

Favourite Holiday Destination?
I don’t have a particular favourite destination; just anywhere relaxing with friends/family is an amazing holiday to me!