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Pania Burgess - trainer 

hr / training

Brief summary of what you do:
Trainer - Train and coach HOT consultants primarily new to the industry, develop training programmes

What’s the best thing about working in the travel industry?
Meeting a whole variety of interesting characters right on our doorstep. Seeing people achieve their personal and career goals or seeing them understanding what value they have to offer. Love the light bulb moments!

How long have you worked for HOT?:
14 months

Why do you like working for HOT?: 

What we offer and stand for – there aren't too many industries where we are privileged to be part of someone else’s dreams, experiences and journeys.  Travel epitomises this and I love how HOT strives to reflect this in its daily practices.

People – we all contribute to the overall picture in so many different ways.  Variety is the spice of life and there are very few days that are ever the same.  Being surrounding by the different characters, and experiences makes every day a good day to be around. Teamwork is important to me and I’m lucky to be part of one of the best.

Change – Travel is constantly changing as is the industry and HOT is right up there endeavouring to keep up.  I love the challenges of change, helping others to see the benefits to them as individuals and how it can be of value to their own practices, values and business.

Favourite holiday destination:

Internationally – Berlin, love the vibrancy, history and modern take on society.  The Germans are surprising people and a lot more laid back than what comes across.

Nationally – Opononi, Northland, where I descend from (so obviously great (or crazy) people come from here!), not crowded like its cousin Paihia and incredibly, spectacularly, beautiful!

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